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Identity Management Solutions 101: IaaS (Integration as a Service)


You know that something is new when it is listed in Wikipedia but still is not clearly defined.


Wikipedia says, “The origin of the terminology "Integration as a Service" is not clearly defined. However "IaaS" is becoming widely used in reference to Software as a Service.”


Companies like Bluewolf and Identropy are paving the way towards defining and implementing IaaS.


"Integration software has become a commodity," said Lou Fox, CTO of Bluewolf.  "We focus on making sure you are successful with integration by wrapping in monitoring, maintenance, enhancements and consulting into our Integration-as-a-Service offering so that clients can get a complete solution, not just a tool."


Ash Motiwala, CTO of Identropy has said, “Identity Management lends itself perfectly for Integration as a Service since the true goal of bringing these products in to any environment is reducing costs. The next way to continue reducing those operating costs is by providing support on those integrated systems.”


In my opinion, technology has progressed from the normal implementations, to the much lesser known Identity as a Service (which was popular about a year ago but really never caught on because it is what all implementers were already doing) to Integration as a Service (which provides the greatest value and return on investment for an organization).


So if I were to define IaaS, I would define it as a solution that combines consulting services and implementation of identity solutions coupled with a proactively managed and integrated support service.


In future posts we will dive further into Identropy’s IaaS solution iMIS (Identropy Managed Identity Service)



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